Zounds-A Pvt. Ltd. (Islamabad)

Office # 1-A, 1st Floor, Hi-Tech Centre, G-10/4, Islamabad.

Company Founder / Creative Director (September 2003 to February 2007)

The decision to create a new design house was an idea I had for years, which came true in September 2003 when I moved back from Karachi to Islamabad; I started a design house “Zounds-A Grafix”. It was not an easy task to establishing a company, building the brand, maintaining the high level of professionalism and still delivering the expected quality of work, but it’s something that I was able to attain and indeed shine in. Zounds-A Grafix quickly become one of Islamabad’s leading design solutions companies with an impressive client list.

After 6 months I started the fabrication department to serve the advertising agencies, housing societies, highway authority and other clients, by providing the signboards, hoardings, pylons, traffic signs, gantries, street signs, inauguration plates, acrylic and brass shields, 3D Logos and Lettering, banners, streamers and etc. Soon Zounds-A Grafix became Zounds-A Pvt Ltd.